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    Are you Future-Ready?

    Increasing complexity in the future will continue to challenge organizations to better anticipate change and adapt faster. Better preparing organizations to meet the challenges of the future is central to our DNA. At IGF we refer to this capability as Future-Readiness. Click the icon for videos and summaries.

    Strategic Trends

    Keynotes that will better identify trends relevant to your company and relate them to your business strategy.  Learn how to adapt today and prepare for the future business and personal challenges of the 21st century.
  • Dr. James Canton


    Futurist, Author and Advisor

    CEO and Chairman of the Institute for Global Futures, a leading think tank he founded in 1990 that advises business and government on future trends. He has advised three White House Administrations, the National Science Foundation and MIT's Media Lab, Europe.

    Innovation Trends

    Global futurist, social scientist, keynote presenter, author, and visionary business advisor. For over 30 years, he has been insightfully predicting the key trends that have shaped our world. Dr. Canton is recognized as one of the leading futurists worldwide. Read the feedback!
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    Client Services

    The Institute For Global Futures offers strategy consulting, new venture analysis, research, media programs, keynote presentations, conferences and strategic alliance building for a broad range of global Fortune 1000 clients. Client engagements are on a project or retainer basis.

    Strategic Analysis

    The Institute provides strategic analysis and business intelligence about the impact of future trends and innovations for a worldwide client base. IGF has worked with over 100 clients in numerous industries worldwide.
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    Future Smart 2015

    Manage the Game-Changing Trends that will Transform Your World.
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    Extreme Futures

    In the post-9/11 world every forecasting book that came before 9/11 is obsolete. Our world is constantly buffeted by new and dramatic change that we can't fully grasp.
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    Stay on the Leading Edge

    Future-proof yourself! Stay on the edge of innovation trends and breakthroughs with Dr. Canton. See today's news from vantage point of the bigger picture that going to matter. Stay abreast of how science and technology are converging with business and government.

    In-depth Presentations

    Are you Future Ready? Are you learning, innovating and preparing to meet the challenges in your organization for the New Future? Dr. James Canton, CEO The Institute for Global Futures forecasts the future of business and the connected economy, genomics, media, mobile, and more.

Keynote Future Smart

The Extreme Future

The Future of Healthcare

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Workforce of the Future

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