Top Ten Health-Care Trends for the 21st Century

The Top Ten Health Care Trends for the 21st Century

  1. Most hospitals, clinics, trauma centers, physicians, and patients will be connected to one large network enabling access to critical medical information.
  2. Consumer health information, accessible over a variety of Net channels, will become the most in-demand content worldwide.
  3. The medical industry will face an ethical and social dilemma over the disclosure of patient information.
  4. Health-care professionals, available via remote Internet connections, will provide services to millions of people who were previously under-served.
  5. Medicalbots, nonhuman intelligence agents, will dispense medical care to patients and doctors worldwide to save money and share expertise.
  6. Advanced nano-biology and genetic technology will eliminate many diseases, accelerate healing, and increase longevity.
  7. Bio-engineered food will help promote health and longevity.
  8. A new generation of smart drugs, implants, and medical devices will enhance our health and performance.
  9. Virtual-reality medical simulations will become the dominant mode of medical training.
  10. Cyber-health care that is customized for us-designed to monitor, diagnose, educate, and intervene regardless of location or time-will be common.