The Top Ten Trends in the Future of Security

The Top Ten Trends in the Future of Security: What’s Coming?

  1. Economic Information Warfare (EIW), consisting of sophisticated attacks against entire economies, commerce and enterprises will accelerate as a global threat.
  2. Smart Watchers, a new generation of super-sensitive satellite and video network ed electronic surveillance, will be everywhere. Real-time personal face scanning and suspi cion profiling tied to massive supercomputers, sensory-aware networks and data warehouses w ill determine risks, provide prevention strategies and intelligence on neutralizing threats .
  3. National Identity Cards with embedded smart chips, containing an individual’s e ntire Genomic Profile will act as a secure personal identifier. They will wirelessly auth enticate an individual’s location, security clearance level and identity to a sea of intell igent networks tied to government, transportation, banking, telecom and enterprises.
  4. Pandoras, the next generation of computer virus attacks, will be self-mutating viruses created to destabilize, confuse and destroy critical electronic infrastructures ess ential to industry and government. These will be used as offensive and defensive weapons by all sides.
  5. Sniffers designed to automatically sense, watch, search and identify individual s with critical information, weapons or bombs will have the capability to navigate physical , wireless and electronic realities.
  6. Secure-Wearables that are embedded, pinprick size hyper-sensing bio-reactive na no-chips, personal pin codes and GPS location monitoring will assist in security tracking, and recovery after kidnapping or theft.
  7. DEPS, Digitally Engineered Personalities, personal sensors that live in the glo bal telecom Internet network and provide 24/7 follow-you-anywhere security protection for i ndividuals, enterprises and governments, will be necessary and in demand.
  8. Biometric Authentication: facial, eye, fingerprint and genomic scanning will be necessary to validate an individual’s physical or virtual entry into electronic networks o r physical areas. Security Tattoos with bar-scans will be popular and fashionable.
  9. Biowar and Agri-Terrorism targeting the destruction of targeted ecosystems will emerge as common threats putting at risk public health, soil, food and water resources.
  10. Numerous personal privacy violations will occur, requiring new laws to protect and preserve individual freedoms.