Brain Waves

Brain Waves

By Carol Pickering,

The World Wide Web may be in its infancy, or just entering adolescence. It’s hard to be certain. As we mapped the path of its evolution, we asked 10 influential people to riff on their visions of the Web — what form will it take?

Dr. James CantonPresident, Institute for Global Futures, Futurist The deep personalization of content that is customized for our preferences, that remembers who we are, and organizes in nanoseconds, in real-time, what we want, will be essential. More intelligent searching technology, voice and gesture driven, will be a central feature of the future Net. The entire experience of being online will become natural and intuitive, mimicking human interaction.

The merging of the physical and the virtual world will have a profound impact on education, entertainment, and health care. Doctors will be on the Net as they operate on patients; education will become an experience of cyber-traveling to engage in synthetic adventures; entertainment will become interactive, sensory, and infinite in its possibilities; nothing will be taboo.

We will digitize sensory information such as smell, touch, sight, and sound – even emotions. Biometric recognition and force-feedback technology will make the Net a fully interactive sensory experience. There is no doubt that there will be a dark side to all this digital bounty. Invasions of privacy, identity theft, stolen digital cash, abuses of medical and personal information will also be common. The future doesn’t come without its baggage. Pack light.