The Top Ten Workforce Trends

  1. A global war for Smart Talent will be the top driver of competitive advantage, as educated, skilled and experienced employees will be in demand.
  2. The aging of the population in America and Europe will have dramatic effect on society and the economy impacting productivity, knowledge and growth.
  3. An increase in women in the U.S. workforce will change the policies, power and positioning of organizations. Women will alter the strategies of boardrooms, industries and markets.
  4. A diversity savvy workforce will be required to understand and align with the diversity in the global marketplace. Diversity will be a critical competency for leaders and employees.
  5. Finding, training and retaining high-tech skilled employees from a global talent pool will be the greatest challenge for every organization.
  6. Incorporating innovation into the organizational DNA will be a key driver of future competitive advantage.
  7. Building a sustainable, healthy and green workplace will be an essential capability for retaining talent and attracting the future workforce
  8. Preparing employees to meet the challenges of a complex and stressful future, where accelerated change and risks can be managed effectively with high performance agility, will be vitally important.
  9. An organization that is committed to employee development, continual education and   training, will return to the organization new skills and new competencies.
  10. Attracting the next workforce, or preparing the current one, will require a new workforce culture to better understand transnational teams, online collaboration, globalization and business process transformation.

Updated from the book, The Extreme Future: The Top Trends that will Shape the World in the Next 20 Years, by Dr. James Canton.