Media Testimonials

“Canton predicts this nano-bio-IT convergence will lead to embedded devices that will enhance human productivity, such as chips that stream information directly to the cerebral cortex, or embedded devices that enhance human intelligence or memory.”

“Canton predicts that customers will drive innovation and that customer-generated products and services will be huge”

“James Canton claims in his book, The Extreme Future: The Top Trends That Will Reshape the World in the Next 20 Years, knowledge networks will be the foundation of our future economy.”

“Dr. James Canton serves notice that new technologies sweeping the financial services sector will rock your world in the next three to five years”
New York Times

“Dr. Canton predicts that the value of networks of interaction will increase exponentially as soon as fast bandwidth becomes available”
Fortune Magazine

“Dr. Canton is named Digital Guru for his timely insight and digital predictions”

“Dr. James Canton has seen the future and warns to guard against complacency, not technology”
Wall Street Journal

“Dr. Canton is one of the top 21 speakers for the 21st century”
Successful Meetings Magazine

“The major future trend that will affect everyone in business in the future will be the emergence of the innovation economy. Innovation will be the currency of the future marketplace” Indicated Dr. Canton.
US NEWS & World Reports

“Dr. Canton says there have been more technological innovations that have caused changes in culture and business in the past 25 years than in the previous 10,000 years”
Selling Power Magazine

“Dr. Canton says identify areas of vulnerability, have security teams at the ready and conduct through security tests at least every 90 days to insure your organization’s economic sustainability in the event of attack.”
CEO Magazine

“Dr. Canton is a futurist who envisions a whole new business world”
Wireless Review Magazine

“Dr. Canton predicts that the CFO of the 21st Century needs to understand technology better than the CIO of the 20th Century”
eCFO Magazine

“The merging of the physical and the virtual world will have a profound impact on education, entertainment, and health care. Doctors will be on the Net as they operate on patients; education will become an experience of cyber-traveling to engage in synthetic adventures; entertainment will become interactive, sensory, and infinite in its possibilities” Predicted Dr. James Canton
Business 2.0 Magazine

“Dr. Canton forecasts that consumers will be given a full sensory experience in cyberspace that will come to rival walking through a physical mall”
Executive Technology Magazine

“Dr. Canton provides fresh takes on the Global Digital Economy”

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