Help Wanted: The Future of the Workforce

One of the key defining resources that will define the winners and the losers in the 21st century economy will be workforce talent. This presentation reviews the emerging workforce trends and challenges that will impact organizations worldwide. The Labor Department data indicates that a workforce shortage is fast approaching that will influence every organization. Is your organization ready for the 21st century talent wars? The future workforce’s demands for learning, information access, technology, compensation, benefits, power and participation will require a new human resource strategy ready for the future.

There will be more minorities, more women and more cultural diversity. The future workforce will dominate the landscape and competition for their services will be fierce. A labor shortage may become a crisis. Will you be ready to face the future? Workforce future changes will impact every organization’s bottom line and the time to plan for these changes is now. Tune in to this keynote to discover what every business must know about the future workforce and how to compete.

Dr. James Canton CEO Institute for Global Futures