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CNN – Welcome to the Future – Health & Medicine 
CNN – Welcome to the Future – Security 
CNN – Welcome to the Future – Technology 
CNN – Welcome to the Future – Workforce 

The Future of Business & the Connected Economy 
The Future of Medicine 
The Future of Sustainable Cities & Energy 
The Future of Media & Entertainment 

CNBC Asia 

CNBC – Street Signs 

FOX News – Dark Times 
FOX News – Crystal Ball

Dr. Canton Appears in Mini-Documentary on New SciFi Film Surrogates. Wired

Forbes – Trends of The Extreme Future

News Reports on Dr. James Canton

Future of Commerce by Hybris A key trend is what I call the “hyper-competitive marketplace.” This is where there are lots of non-traditional competitors using digital technology to reach your customers much faster, or even customer segments you don’t have.

Forbes An advanced civilization millions of light years away would surely be forgiven if they described the human race in 2014 using just one word: Duckface.

Forbes The lack of strategic long-term thinking is the greatest Achilles heel of global business. The inability to look long term detracts from short-term business execution.

TechNewsWorld This is the future of communications, the future of entertainment, and it is the next generation of collaboration, said futurist James Canton.

AAAS Forum on Science & Technology Policy Facing an Extreme Future, nations and researchers must collaborate, says Dr. Canton.

The Science of ‘Surrogates’ Science of Surrogates Just 10 Years away? Wired

Convergent Technologies Dr. Canton speaks with the U.S. Air Force on convergent technologies.

Forecasting the Top Ten Trends of the Extreme Future – profiles Dr. Canton’s forecasts of the World in 2009

Singularity University – Dr. Canton advises on the formation of this “school for futurists”, sponsored by NASA & Google Financial Times

China, Population and the Need for Megacities Agency France Press

Future Shock – Five Futurists describe the technological changes coming our way Computer World

Longevity Medicine CNN

What’s on the Job Frontier NPR

The Extreme Future Reviewed Industry Week

The Change-Agent CIO CIO Insight

Dr. Canton on Forbes – Video Trends of The Extreme Future

Trends – Being Future-Ready – Top Trends in the Business Marketplace  the WaterCooler

Fox News and the Extreme Future – Video The environment, climate, security, globalization, healthcare & more

Dr. Canton on CNBC ASIA – Video Globalization, Ch-India and the World’s Economy

Technology Futures – CNN’s Welcome to the Future – Video Robotics and a New Future
Health & Medicine – CNN’s Welcome to the Future – Video Personalized medicine, longevity medicine and disease management
Workplace – CNN’s Welcome to the Future – Virtual offices and holographic meetings

Future Trends – CNBC’s Street Signs – Video 150 year old humans and coastal waterfront property in the Midwest

The Good, Bad, and Ugly of Business Continuity in the 21st Century HR Management Magazine

The Next Convergence Network World Magazine

NPR Interviews Dr. Canton

The Future of Sales II Selling Power

US News and World Report Interviews Dr. Canton US News and World Report

Fortune Magazine Interviews Dr. Canton Fortune Magazine

Money Management May Become Man Vs. Machine, Futurist Says Wall Street Journal

Envisioning Stock Trading Where the Brokers Are ‘Bots’ New York Times

National Mortgage News interviews Dr. Canton National Mortgage News

Bank Technology News interviews Dr. Canton Bank Technology News

Dr. Canton Named Top 20 Speaker for 21st Century Successful Meetings Magazine

Chemical & Engineering News Interviews Dr. Canton Chemical & Engineering News

Nikkei Electronics Asia Interviews Dr. Canton Nikkei Electronics Asia

PeopleSoft interviews Dr. Canton PeopleSoft

Tech, and the Future of Finance

The Future of Sales in a High Tech World Selling Power Magazine

NY Times quotes Dr. Canton regarding Convergent Technologies New York Times

What Ten High-Tech Innovations Will Change The Way You Do Business Over The Next Five Years? eCFO Magazine

CNET Interviews Dr. Canton regarding Converging Technologies and Human Performance CNET

The Future of Fitness and Exercise Sporting Goods Business Magazine

Interview with Dr. James Canton InfoWorld

Brain Waves Business2.0

IBM Interviews Dr. James Canton IBM

Health Forum Journal Interviews Dr. Canton Health Forum Journal

Dr. Canton interviewed by The Business Journal: Top Ten Business Trends for the New Future The Business Journal

Futurist Envisions a Whole New Business World Wireless Review

‘Technophobia’ is doom for business The Business Journal

High Security, High Alert: 10 Future Trends Financial Executive Magazine

Chief Executive Magazine Interviews Dr. James Canton Chief Executive Magazine

Dr. James Canton Forecasts the Future Executive Technology

Fast Forward to Robo Health Edmonton Journal

Brave Cool World Report on Business Magazine

Assisted Living Today Interviews Noted Futurist Dr. James Canton Assisted Living Today

Convene Magazine Interviews Dr. Canton Convene Magazine

The Charlotte Business Journal Interviews Dr. James Canton Charlotte Observer

Innovators are Best Leaders African News Service

A Message from the MEC FutureTech Conference’s Keynote Speaker The World Wide Webazine

Le Monde Interviews Dr. Canton Le Monde –En Francais

Dr. Canton interviewed by El Universal El Universal –En Español