Forecasts & Research


  • Global Futures Forecast 2012 (PDF)
    Dr. Canton releases his annual top trends forecast that will shape the coming year and beyond.

  • Good, Better, Best: The Human Quest for Enhancement
    AAAS tapped Dr. Canton to contribute to the recently published report. 

  • Top Trends – The Future of Social Media
    From iTags and reality engineering to web surrogates and crowd purchasing nets.

  • Top Ten Extreme Technology Trends
    From practical quantum computing to nano-medical devices to immersive web technology

  • Future Space Trends Forecast 2025
    How will space influence geostrategic power in the 21st century

  • The Future of Cloud Computing and Big Data
    Business Agility. Cost-effectiveness. Accelerated innovation. Service quality.

  • The Way We Will be 50 Years from Today
    Identified as one of the world’s greatest minds, Dr. Canton shares his views on the world’s future, in the Mike Wallace edited book 

  • Managing Extreme Change
    From IBM Retail Conference

  • Top Ten Transition Strategies for President-Elect Obama
    From IBM Retail Conference

  • After Dark Survey
    Dr. Canton recently served as spokesperson for J&J’s After Dark Survey interested in American’s mouth rinsing habits, health care and lifestyle.
    Sponsor: Johnson & Johnson

  • The Extreme Future: The Top Trends that will Shape the 21st Century Forecast
    Sponsor: Future Concepts Working Group, US Government
    This comprehensive forecast focused on a wide range of trends that will shape the global environment in the future including: energy, business, demographics, health care, security, technology, culture, economics, lifestyles and religion.

  • The Future of NanoEnergy: Meeting the 21st Century Challenge
    This study provided an overview of the top trends that will shape the future of alternative energy in a post-oil global economy.
    Sponsor: Jet Group

  • Being Future-Ready: Top Trends in the Business Marketplace
    WaterCooler Newsletter – Trends Survey

  • Philips Lifestyle Study – American
    Philips Lifestyle Study – Canadian
    A comprehensive North American study on consumer attitudes about future trends affecting personal health care and lifestyle.

  • NBIC Technologies and Human Performance Enhancement
    Study contribution provides an overview of NBIC Technologies and their effect on Human Performance Enhancement.
    Sponsor:National Science Foundation

  • NBIC Report
    The landmark report on Convergent Technologies and the Future

  • America’s Youth Looks to the Future Survey
    The first major national study to identify what America’s youth, 16-24 year olds think about the future of leadership, careers, money, and education.
    Sponsor: Student Loan Finance Corp. Final Survey

  • Hispanic and Black America’s Youth Looks to the Future Survey
    The first major study to identify what diversity consumer’s think about the future of leadership, careers, money and education.
    Sponsor: Student Loan Finance Corp.

  • The Neurotech Nexus Report
    Groundbreaking new report by Institute for Global Futures with NeuroInsight. Three sectors of the neurotechnology industry (neuropharmaceuticals, neurodevices, and neurodiagnostics) will play a major role in regional economic development in the decades to come.

  • The Teen Consumer Trends Survey
    A national survey, of teen consumer purchasing trends. Social Implications of Nanoscience and Nanoengineering.
    Sponsor: Toyota

  • Fast Forward Forecast
    A forecast of key business and economic trends affecting competitive advantage, technology and leadership
    Sponsor: IBM

  • 2004 Consumer and Business Trends Forecast
    A forecasting study, focusing on the top innovations that will shape the future of business and the economy.
    Sponsor: Motorola

  • Life Science Trends and Opportunities Study
    A forecasting study, on the future of life sciences, and the impact on business.
    Sponsor: Boeing Corporation

  • The Future of Consumer Health and Food
    Study focusing on the future convergence of food, health, and pharmaceuticals
    Sponsor: Major national branded grocery store client.