The Innovator’s Mindset

How do innovators think different? What is the Innovator’s Mindset that turns ideas into strategy, product and service that sells? Innovation is the central competitive force of the 21st century organization.

Based on a comprehensive study on innovation by Dr. James Canton and the Institute for Global Futures, the innovator’s mindset describes what leading innovators do to get outstanding results. Innovation can be learned.

This keynote is a strategic overview of what leading innovators think and do to succeed. Innovation is a strategic investment that requires a culture and mindset shift in order to succeed. Business cases where innovative leaders are using strategies to grow market share, establish competitive advantage, better deliver customer experiences and enhance quality, will be reviewed.

Discover the Four Innovation Leadership Styles. Unlock the Innovation Readiness of your team, company or yourself. Uncover the secrets of the best innovators. Find out how to increase your ROI—Return on Innovation.

Dr. James Canton CEO Institute for Global Futures