About IGF

The Institute For Global Futures

Welcome to the new future. Complex new innovations and trends are rapidly reshaping markets, industries and society. We have entered a new era where the knowledge of key trends is mission-critical to the future success of every enterprise. Global competition, changing demographics, emerging technologies and digital customers are creating a new business reality. The landscape of business is exploding with real-time change. Business intelligence about strategic change is the currency that the Institute For Global Futures has been providing to clients worldwide since 1990. The Institute for Global Futures is a San Francisco based think tank that offers business strategy and forecasts about leading-edge innovations and trends. IGF provides keynote presentations, research services, and strategy consulting to the Fortune 1000, associations and governments. IGF was founded by Dr. James Canton; noted futurist, author and digital entrepreneur.

Keynote Presentations

Dr. James Canton is available for fee based keynote presentations. These keynotes cover a wide range of topics about the future that are customized for each engagement. See the Keynotes section on the website for more information. Strategy Consulting IGF assists clients in developing, strategizing and executing successful technology-enabled business solutions that have a clear return on investment. IGF provides strategy consulting for organizations interested in better leveraging existing technology assets, opening new business opportunities, stimulating growth, or creating competitive advantage.

Mapping the Future

Mapping the Future is a powerful interactive planning and real-time design process that gives leaders a strategic window on their business today and in the future. It enables leaders to create Future Value.

New Product, Service or Venture Analysis

Though innovations are plentiful, corporations need a more accurate assessment of new products, services or ventures. IGF provides analysis for companies to determine the opportunities, risks and rewards inherent in introducing a new product, service or venture.

Futures Research Analysis

The Institute For Global Futures conducts primary and secondary research for clients who need to know what future trends may impact customers, markets and society. White papers, research and reports have been conducted for technology, financial service, manufacturing, media, entertainment, government and health care clients.