Customer Futures

Customers Are Shaping The Future
Customers are driving change and setting the trends that will shape the future. Are you listening? If your organization or government wants to be in alignment with the future, listen to customers needs, wants and concerns-not just what they want today but what they will want in the future. Listening for this future value is the key to your furure product and service development.

Understand how the new demographics can be a powerful force for charting the future of your enterprise. Building Future Maps and Scenarios around how to enable customers’ future needs will give your organization an edge on the competition. Those organizations that will lead their customers into the future, by listening to their desires will be successful.

Reaching The Real-Time Customer
Real-time customers in an on-demand fluid marketplace is what’s coming. These Real-Time Customers cut across all demographic segments. They have one thing in common: higher expectations of service, essential knowledge, the search for the best deal and they want it now! Understanding and reaching these customers, through Customer Relationship Management, data mining, wireless teleservices and online will make for a profitable future..

Culturally Diverse Consumers
Global diversity is a key trend for organizations to better understand because of the larege immature markets in emerging nations as well as the influx of diverse consumers in the US, Europe, South America and Asia. The Hispanic segment alone at 35 million in the US represents a potent new marketplace for workforce talent and consumer purchasing.

As the enterprise goes global, looking for new markets to expand and grow, an attention to the culturally diverse consumer will be necessary. How will culturally diverse consumer segments create opportunity? What are the most profitable trends affecting diverse consumers you need to understand to grow your enterprise?

Aging Baby Boomers
The largest concentration of wealth on the planet is in the hands of the aging baby boomers, 78 million strong-and getting older. How can we better understand and reach this powerful consumer segment? As health enhancement and genomic next generation medicine emerges, people will live longer and be healthier. How is can this be turned into competitive advantage? What is the impact on health care, workforce and society?

From Generation X to the Millennium Consumers
Young, smart, and high tech savvy. How is your organization changing it’s culture, products and services to attract these new generations of customers and workforce talent? Organizations that learn the unique cultural needs of these very different demographic groups will thrive in the future.

Global Diversity
Women will make up over 50% of the U.S. workforce by the year 2010. Will your organization be ready to meet this challenge?