Future Trends

The Top Trends That Will Shape the 21st Century Enterprise
Dr. James Canton, CEO Institute for Global Futures

Welcome to the New Future. How are you going to cope with the most challenging business changes you have ever faced? What are the top trends you must know about today? How can you better plan for the future? The Institute for Global Futures provides an analysis of the top trends, scenarios and strategies that will shape the future of your enterprise. Whether that future is one minute or one year from today you need to be prepared to face the future challenges and risks.

Business leaders today need critical knowledge about emerging trends. Leaders must learn to navigate real-time change – whether that change comes from terrorism, competitors, customers, technology or global economic factors. Developing an ability to anticipate the future in the face of uncertainty, disruptions and chaos will be an essential part of leading the 21st century enterprise. Complex and fast changing trends must be integrated into business strategy.

An understanding of key future trends will drive opportunity for business leaders world wide. Key questions that must be integrated into future business strategy are: How will changing customer demographics affect business strategy? What workface shifts will attract talent? What are the top technologies and business processes that will shape competitive advantage? How will future economic trends affect markets? What new opportunities does science offer? What role will globalization and trade play in the future? What are the essential strategies to building an agile organization and navigating uncertainty?

In the following Future Trends section you will find forecasts affecting technology, customers, science and business. Developing a systems-approach to understanding the future is what this section is about. Both standalone trends and the fusion of different trends will shape future opportunity. Understanding which future trends will have an impact on you, your organization and your marketplace will determine your future success.