Telecom Futures

Linking everyone to everything around the world and beyond

Future Telecom
Telecom will be forever reshaped in the future by the Internet. The cost-effectiveness and the flexible nature of the Net will drive telecom innovations. Multimedia wireless 4G and 5G systems will provide access to global markets, Internet-ready, rich multimedia. Event streaming will fully engage the user of nextgen telecom.

The Optical Future
Optical fiber will be the next evolution of communications networks. It will provide for extreme connectivity. As optical efficiencies network the globe connecting every nation, person and enterprise the possibilities for doing business transnationally become possible. Optics to the last mile, satellites, other wireless platforms, together will enable business to offer a comprehensive array of services not available today in our yet-to-be-linked world.

The Personal Portal
The Personal Portal, a digital intelligence that lives in cars, homes, our office, our clothes, embedded inside of us for some, will redefine the notion of computing by moving from device to device, location to location, while serving our needs. Personal Portals will be highly customized entities that enable humans for use in their career, communications, en- tertainment, education and commerce.

Real-Time Collaboration
In the future of work, distance is dead and only the agile and smart who know how to collaborate will be the winners. Rich, interactive, multi-sensory Net worlds that help workers collaborate 24/7 is next.

Digital Value Networks
As the business landscape becomes global, as customers more tech-savvy and as new channels emerge, such as mobile Net and digital TV, new forms of alliances and business value networks will be forged. Competitors today are collaborators tomorrow, customers can become suppliers, suppliers may become agents. Speed, value, quality and cost-effectiveness will dominate customers choices.