The IGF team

The IGF team, under the direction of CEO Dr. James Canton and IT Director William Moulton, is comprised of a highly innovative, talented and insightful group of world-class technologists, engineers and scientists. Frankly, they do amazing things. They are agile, inventive, bold and Big Thinkers yet real world solution-providers. They bring outstanding innovations to life and solve large-scale problems that others often cannot fathom.

They have rich enterprise, government and entrepreneurial backgrounds. The IGF team works with the largest global organizations in the world taking on some of the largest global challenges. IGF uses the Trend Trakker technology platform to provide clients an advanced holistic systems approach to visualizing and analyzing complex data. Over 100 years of combined advanced technology forecasting and engineering expertise:

Dr. James Canton
CEO. Founder, advanced sciences and technologies futurist, keynote speaker, social scientist, global demographic futures expert, author of Extreme Futures and other seminal books.

William S. Moulton
IT Development. Technology and media trend forecasting, cognitive system design, semantic networks, search engines, data mining, Open Source INTelligence, adaptive controls, 3D display technology, speech recognition, DSP, radar systems, swarm sensors, wireless technology, synthetic and augmented reality, data visualization, and multidisciplinary engineering.

Gayle Osder
Client Relations Director. Gayle brings 15 years of client services expertise to IGF. She handles client relationship management making sure clients, agents and media sources get what they need.