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Insight Into the CPA of the Future 2015 Study

C O N D U C T E D F O R C PA . C O M
By Dr. James Canton and the Institute for Global Futures

We live in a time characterized by unprecedented, massive, and highly accelerated change that will affect our work, lifestyle, and society in radical ways—ways for which most companies are not fully prepared. There are new rules that defy the business logic of the past. New business models, globalized markets, new asset classes, and new risk factors make this a fast future of both great challenge, but even greater opportunity. We all need to get ready for a future where innovation and disruptions from every aspect of society will affect business.

Most new products and services that will dominate the marketplace by 2025 have not yet been invented. Companies driving disruptive change such as Google, Netflix, and Uber as well as innovations such as Bitcoin, cheap DNA sequencing, crowdfunding, and 3D printing are creating massive change that is coming faster then many people realize. The workforce is also changing drastically, as is the diversity of the US marketplace. Also consider that we are rapidly approaching a connected planet where the mobile Internet links billions of people. Smart Machines and artificial intelligence will compete with human labor for knowledge work. Talent, even more so then innovation, may well determine competitive advantage.

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