The Extreme Future

The Top Trends That Will Shape the 21st Century Based on Dr. Canton’s acclaimed new book, The Extreme Future, this informative keynote provides a strategic overview of the top trends that will shape the future of business and society. Constantly updated with fresh research and forecasts, this keynote is a strategic briefing on what disruptions and opportunities are coming fast that will impact your world. Future trends covered include: Climate, energy, technology, the workforce, security, the economy, health care, demographics, entertainment, and lifestyles. Find out what’s next and how to prepare today via this overview of the most recent forecasts that will shape the future marketplace, society and your life.

Will you be ready to navigate the changes in the Extreme Future? Welcome to the Extreme Future where complex and disruptive change is coming fast. Are you ready to navigate the changes of the future? Are you ready for the Post-Genomic society? Where people trade their DNA on eBay? Where corporations conduct talent wars? Where health enhancement is a trillion dollar market? Where virtual supply chains and on-demand products rule? Where real-time collaborative organizations thrive?

The 21st century will be driven by lightening fast, complex and disruptive changes that will re-define risk and opportunity for every business, government and individual worldwide. Will you be prepared? This keynote will help you better manage change in the Extreme Future. The unique understanding of the next convergent forces in technology, the workforce, security, the economy, life sciences, demographics, entertainment, environment and lifestyles will together shape the future.

This presentation by a noted futurist and author provides a strategic overview of the top changes that will shape tomorrow’s leaders, business and the economy. Discover what future-readiness strategies you can use to achieve success in the Extreme Future.

Dr. James Canton
Institute for Global Futures

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