The Future of Business and Predictive Organizations

How much more effective, productive and successful could your organization be if prediction was a strategic capability?

We are encountering a sea change in the future of business, in the future of one minute from now, of all types of organizations: the power of predictive systems, services and capabilities. The power of prediction, better anticipating how customers, your competition, your employees and your marketplace is changing and will change, maybe the most vital competitive advantage.

New organizational intelligence such as mining the data streams of social media, mobile communications, big data, cloud computing, location aware objects and analytics will forever change how we market, develop, manage and build sustainable organizations. Those organizations that understand this sea change, who work to create deeper collaboration, change management and strategic development based on this new Predictive Awareness will be on the right side of the next disruption.

Predictive capabilities will enable an organization to think and act differently. You will know what and when changes are occurring, good bad and ugly about your brand, services, products or reputation.Those organizations that invest in predictive capabilities–the systems, services and products that enable better and faster analysis of data will be winners. Their ability to not just react but to predict, will enable a new type of strategic agility not seen before. This is the secret sauce that will set the new era of business.

All around us in the marketplace this sea change, the shift to predictive organizations is emerging. Mining the data streams about disease will help health care organizations change their focus to prevention. Understanding the social media conversational space will enable more responsive actions to capture customers attention. Big data will be meaningful if we learn about patterns of behavior that our employees use to be effective in performance.

Are you predictive?

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