Dr. James Canton Keynotes

Future Smart: The Game-Changing Trends That Are Shaping Tomorrow

Discover the top global megatrends that are shaping the future of business, markets and our society based on Dr. Canton’s Best Selling book, Future Smart and research at the Institute for Global Futures. These include the top trends in tech innovations, energy, demographics, future of the workforce, climate, globalization, learning, security and defense. Emerging new asset classes, business models and digital markets are driving change.

TechnoFutures: The Top Innovations Shaping the Future

What’s next for technology, innovation and the transformation of business, markets and the society based on exponential technologies. Based on his research at the National Science Foundation, his best-selling book TechnoFutures and with tech leaders, Dr. Canton has created a model of five strategic technologies that will shape the future. From Big Data, AI, robots, space, clean tech, smart cities, blockchain, quantum computing to what’s next for the digital enterprise. Find out what’s coming that will transform markets, strategy and the global economy.

The Extreme Future of Health Care

Robotics, CrisPR, Health enhancement, mobile digital devices, predictive analytics. Health care is being transformed by a new generation of digital technologies, Big Data, AI and innovations such as synthetic biology, robotics and genetic engineering. The ability to predict health outcomes from early diagnostics and digital tech and create a forecast of public health outcomes is driving a transformation in medicine and care. Find out how this new future is emerging.

The Innovators Mindset: A Strategy for Creating Successful Companies

Based on his 15 year research study with leading companies and his work at Apple, Dr. Canton has created a New Model about how innovators think and act to forge success in their organizations. He has identified a specific Innovator’s Mindset, a strategy to create breakthrough products, services, form companies, take effective actions, and create innovative teams and cultures.

How much more effective, productive and successful could your organization be if prediction was a strategic capability?

We are encountering a sea change in the future of business, in the future of one minute from now, of all types of organizations: the power of predictive systems, services and cap...