The Extreme Future of Healthcare

A series of radical trends and disruptions are reshaping health care. This profound transformation will change business models, standards of care, the management of disease and redefine the health care model. What will happen next will affect the future of business, science, the workforce and society. The transition from health care as disease care to prevention will transform human beings. Few organizations are prepared for the trends that are coming and what will be required to effectively navigate this future.

Complex new technologies are rapidly reshaping business, markets and customers. This multimedia keynote examines the key trends and technologies that are revolutionizing health care and medicine. The digital convergence of genomics, embedded devices, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, nano-biology, nextgen optical networks, super computers and longevity tech will create a new health care landscape. Are you ready for the changes that lie ahead in the future?

How will the health care organization of the future integrate these technologies? What will be the demands of the future health care customer and how can organizations plan today to prepare? Health care organizations are struggling with how to enhance their service in an era of the digital health customer. How will health care change in the post-genomic society? What are the top technologies that will offer opportunity?

As the convergence of advanced technology, from quantum computers, to the next generation Internet, to smart agent networks reshapes the health care marketplace of the future; technology will offer many challenges and solutions. A review of the best of breed customer companies and technologies will be highlighted. Find out from a leading futurist and CNN Guest Host what are the key trends that will give your customers, organization or industry a briefing on what’s next for technology and how it will affect you.

Dr. James Canton CEO Institute for Global Futures

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