The Future of Financial Services In A High Tech World

New innovations from wireless, to Internet 2 and virtualization, are reshaping the competitive landscape of financial services. From digital TV to wireless connectivity in cars and public kiosks, new tech innovations will drive competition. Shifting customer segments and globalization are creating change. This keynote identifies the top tech trends that will reshape financial service companies impacting on customers, industries and markets.

Advanced new telecommunications such as the Internet are rapidly reshaping business, markets and customers. But this is just the beginning of a more dramatic shift in markets, customers and the industry brought on by technology. Fluid markets, price elasticity, real-time anywhere communications, global digital networks will reshape financial services. This multimedia-enhanced keynote examines the key trends, strategies and technologies that will revolutionize financial services. This keynote explains what will happen when and how to thrive with these high tech changes.

The digital convergence of fast networks, smart computers and integrated knowledge devices will create a new purchasing landscape. How will the financial service organization of the future integrate the Internet, call centers and the new communications devices to create more effective customer service? What will be the demands of the financial services customer and how can organizations plan today to prepare?

The emergence of the Internet as a virtual electronic channel for managing financial services offers many challenges and opportunities for organizations.. As the convergence of computers and telecom networks reshapes the marketplace of the future, technology will become a competitive advantage offering many cost-effective solutions. Digital cash, interactive TV, satellites, genomics, biotech, wireless super phones, intelligent agents, knowledge engineering are all key technologies that will drive future opportunity. A review of the best of breed customer companies and technologies will be highlighted. Find out from a leading futurist and CNN Guest Host what are the key strategies that will give your organization the competitive edge to help win in the 21st century.

Dr. James Canton CEO Institute for Global Futures

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