The Future of MegaCities

A transformation in cities is going on. Over 80% of the 6 billion people on the planet today are living in cities. By 2040, there will be over 8 billion. Over 100 new cities will be created within 25 years in China alone. Over 20 new Megacities will redefine the consumer marketplace and society. Most of these cities of over 8 million people each will be in the developing world. With the huge migration to cities of the global population, what challenges will these cities face? What are the opportunities and risks? How should global organizations prepare for the future of cities?

This presentation examines the future of cities and the impact on the world’s markets, consumers, societies and population. Key trends from planetary management, building healthy cities, cities that think, innovation, and green urban sustainability will be analyzed. Challenges and opportunities to security, health care, transportation, water, energy and climate will affect the future of cities. Find out what the key trends are that will shape the future of cities in the 21st century.

Dr. James Canton CEO Institute for Global Futures

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