The Real-Time Enterprise: Creating Competitive Advantage in the Global Economy

New and complex changes are emerging that will force enterprises to operate in entirely new ways. The interconnected linkage of supply chains, markets and businesses represents a new challenge for all companies. The key strategy for creating competitive advantage lies in understanding the trends that will shape the networked marketplace. RealTime is the pass code for the 21st century enterprise.

Based on new research from Dr. Canton’s upcoming book RealTime, he illustrates the fusion of Collaboration, Communications and Connectivity. RealTime will be mission-critical for the survival of every business. RealTime represents a new paradigm shift for business, leaders and organizations. Understanding RealTime Customers and RealTime Knowledge will shape the success of business. Technology-enabled business solutions that create new business opportunities are next.

Find out what it will take to create the RealTime enterprise. From knowledge collaboration, on-demand learning, business intelligence, customer mining and interactive data marts to transaction visibility, digital markets and electronic delivery channels. Discover the Ten Key Principles to making your organization RealTime. Ride Dr. Canton’s time machine into the future. Find out what you can do today to get ready for the RealTime future challenge-before your competition does.

Dr. James Canton CEO Institute for Global Futures

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