The Future of Security in a High Tech World

This presentation examines the future of security in a high tech world. Dr. Canton will identify the top trends, developments and emerging technologies that may determine your economic survival in the future. Technology is a key weapon used by terrorists for attack as well as a powerful deterrent for prevention and protection. This presentation demystifies the technologies, describes in a non-technical way the future issues and maps the landscape of challenges that will face every organization as it learns to navigate the future.

The recent terrorist attacks on America have clearly sent a violent wakeup call to the nation, and the world. The security of all Americans is at stake as we enter a new era at the dawn of the 21st century. Security, up until the historic turning point in NY City, was a concern of too few and not taken as seriously as it should have been. Many believe that the next security threats we will face will be economic terrorism targeting the enterprise. What are the new realities and new challenges we will face?

Dr. Canton will review the future of security covering: encryption, firewalls, Internet viruses, wireless, Denial of service, cyber hackers, biometrics, surveillance, genomic security, data protection, customer theft, profiling the cyber terrorist, identity theft, case studies about industrial espionage and information warfare. Dr. Canton will review the most current information on the latest strategies, developments and technologies that will affect security in the future. Adopting the right culture and mindset that is security-savvy will be mission-critical for every member of every organization. Everyone will leave this keynote with an enhanced sense of awareness about how to take more control of his or her future.

Dr. James Canton CEO Institute for Global Futures

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